laundry liquor home made gin and infused vodkas, and cocktail bars at parties.

futurismo said: excuse me.

this is awesome.

what kind of still do you use/where'd you get it?

thanks :)

thank-you, we think so too. we use a fractionating column/full reflux still, and one of us made it.

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Some things for making rosemary and lavender ginger beer.
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A new wash on to ferment, and some old batches of ginger beer and pink lemonade.
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The acorns seen in a bowl in this post are now ground up and macerating in this bucket of pure alcohol, waiting for the other ingredients for absinthe.
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Pretty new valves for the still.
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Gin macerating
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peeled acorns for absinthe (by c a i tlin)
i’ve been in ballarat since sunday, we fixed the still and got it running for the first time this year. these acorns are ground up and macerating in a bucket of pure alcohol and we have gin botanicals macerating in a big glass bottle, to redistill on friday. we are going to have gin again! this makes me feel very good about my life.
also had a real nice time with gem and kurt and watched movies and slept a lot and ate delicious food non stop and got drunk and made (very funny) ARI plans.

all this is making me feel real good about my life too. serious bootleggin’ from now on in.

coming up: acorn absinthe.
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femme brewing club (by c a i tlin)
laundry liquor sideproject while the still is broken.
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